About Us

Sam Amanas | Owner

We would like to introduce you to Sam Amanas, the owner of Highland Furs. He was born in Kastoria, Greece and has been working with fur since the age of 12. He moved to California at 18 to start working with a fur manufacturing company. After 4 years, he moved to the Chicagoland area to be with his brothers who moved there to work at the steel mills. Sam worked downtown for many years until he opened his own fur manufacturing and retail shop, called Highland Furs, in the 1980s. He has designed and manufactured beautiful and luxurious fur coats and jackets for many large department stores as well as his own personal label, Highland Furs.

Highland Furs has grown from just manufacturing coats to offering more items and services. The business continues to manufacture and sell coats but now offers storage and cleaning, restyling, and sells all types of accessories and home decor.

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Highland Furs