Highland Furs offers cleaning on all your fur and leather pieces. Proper care is essential to last a lifetime. We will condition, clean, and glaze your items to preserve their quality. We offer affordable cleaning services starting at $55.


Storage Facility

Highland Furs offers fur coat storage for all your furs and anything else you would like to store and preserve.  Furs should be stored in cold storage throughout the year to avoid any damage and preserve its quality.  Highland Furs has an on-site cold storage vault that’s moisture and climate controlled for all fur and leather articles.  Our prices are the best in the area at only $45/year.  Why clog up your closets at home when Highland Furs can store your luxurious items and keep them safe.


Appraisal (1)

Highland Furs recommends all expensive items have a formal appraisal for insurance purposes. We can evaluate your fur and provide a written appraisal for insurance replacement value for the very low price of $20.



Inherited an old coat? Lost weight? Highland Furs can help restyle any fur into a new coat that fits your style! Custom design any coat to a modern look.
Don’t want the fur coat anymore? We can take the fur and make accessories, such as earmuffs and purses for loved ones, add fur to a bench or stool for your home, make luxurious pillows, add fur to a hood on a jacket, and so much more. We share plenty of ideas on Pinterest.

Highland Furs